Porsche 911 964 RS road test report

Driving a Porsche 964 RS.

porsche 964 RS picture at Performance are an absolutely great piece of kit. I really enjoy driving an RS............but only for a while.

Focused entirely on getting around a track quickly, Porsche stripped the RS to the bare minimum, thin glass, alloy panels, magnesium wheels - and they didn't stop there.

Does an interior light make it quicker? - no - so out it goes. In the bin goes the interior door panels, rear seats, heated screen and a load of other things that most of us are rather used to having in a decent car.

So why is it good? Its the way it feels........ it so alive, so immediate and communicative. You know everything that's going on, you feel everything and its great for the twisties.

Ultimately the noise from the motor may get to you, the comfort (what comfort?) may get to you (or your beloved - best not let her in it). Give it an open twisty road and its a delight.

No power steering, you feel everything through the wheel, initially the car might seem twitchy or unstable but given some miles it will come alive. Your confidence grows and the harder you push the better it is.  After a while you can start to really make it dance in a way that would be foolish in a 'normal' 911'.

So its a pure adrenalin rush, it needs a firm and expert hand, an open road (track) where it will behave itself all day long. Yes you could use it every day, but in the same way you could row the Atlantic in a small boat.

Porsche 964 RS interior picture.The motor is flexible, well mannered but has so little 'flywheel' that driving in town is a chore. If you want a toy, want a track day car take a look at one of these.

Buy with caution. With this type of 911 many will have had hard use, visits to Armco, gravel traps and off road are commonplace.

Decide first what standard you want (hardly any point having a museum car if your tracking it) and make sure you know what you are buying.


pictures above right show the luxury appointments of a 964 RS (the wheel is non standard). Picture below the detail under the  hood - note the tiny windshield washer bottle  and lack of trim to save weight.

Porsche 964 RS magnesium wheel.Make sure the good bits have not been 'lost'.  Magnesium wheels are swapped with alloy, alloy panels swapped with steel e.t.c. So get a 964 RS expert to take a look if you have any doubts.


Values: These are rare cars, you pay much more than a standard 964 (even though you get less), original examples are few, all examples rare and prices seem stable. These are a very good investment. Look how much a '73 RS fetches.



Good Luck.