Porsche 911 993 Carrera 1994 to 1997 model years. RS, Clubsport, GT2. Porsche 911 / 993RS.


For 1995 model year Porsche produced another legend the new 993 RS and 993 RS Club Sport .  Based around the 993 Carrera (2 wheel drive). This was a 911 intended for track use or light sporting use 'straight out of the box'.  Although its purpose was clear, it is a more manageable and enjoyable car on the street than the previous 964RS, yet it was even more effective on the track.

photo of a 993 RS in silver. The weight was reduced by 50 kg from a standard 993 by omitting various luxury components, such as the rear seats, the steel trunk lid was replaced by an aluminium lid along with thinner glass for the side windows.

The chassis improvements included a reduced ride height (by 40 mm ) and stiffer hardened suspension. The brakes were taken from the 993 Turbo and the engine (3.8 for the RS) was remapped to produce 300bhp.

You could order an RS in Club Sport guise.  Here weight was further reduced, the airbag, electric windows, electric seat adjustments and headlight washers were removed, all of these reductions reduced the overall weight by around 100 kg' of a 993 RS 'Clubsport' with the bigger rear spoiler.
The Clubsport (see pics) has a bigger spoiler than the regular RS, however this is optional on the RS.  The Clubsport has a different front - splitter. 

Few 993 RS were built, so prices are high and I think they are likely to remain so.Some of the cars on the market will be ex race cars and therefore might have led an exciting life.

Incidentally the 3.8 motor was a special factory option (albeit rare) for regular 993 ( I had one).

Porsche 993 GT2.

For the 1996 model series Porsche offered the GT2 primarily intended for track use but some enthusiasts bought the GT2 for personal road use. Basically a 3.6-Litre twin-turbo, 430bhp version of the 993 Turbo but lighter, stripped out and just two wheel drive. And sadly I haven't tried one of these yet. Please let me at one on a decent track.993GT2 race spec, speed yellow.

The 993 GT2 was fitted with an imposing biplane rear spoiler and RS type front splitter, along with plastic fender extensions, lightweight seats - doesn't it look the business?

A Clubsport package could be added which consisted of a welded-in roll cage, contoured bucket seats, six-point harness, main battery switch and a fire extinguisher. It's ultra rare, very expensive and should be in my garage.

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