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Porsche insurance tips and advice.  Before you settle on insurance for your Porsche you might consider the following points.

Direct Insurance or Insurance Broker or agent.

It's worth comparing online auto insurance quotes with car insurance quotes from insurance brokers.  Some brokers will have a special deal with an Insurer and may be able to offer better rates than if you go direct.

Specialist magazines for exotic cars, classic cars or Porsche magazines and clubs will have plenty of numbers for you to call. Or use this search box to look for a quote online.


Its well worth making a little effort with car insurance  prior to purchasing your used sports car. The difference between car insurance quote can be very significant.


Classic car insurance is often quite inexpensive in comparison to the performance of the car.


On more modern performance cars, auto Insurance will often represent a fair % of the value of the car.


Not all auto insurance are equal. Here are a list of things that I would consider prior to making a choice of motor insurance;


Tips to save money on car insurance, you may be able to negotiate discount car insurance by;

Once you have decided on a policy and car  Insurance company you can sometimes get a better deal phoning around performance car insurance brokers or dealing direct with the motor insurance company via the net.


NOTE: This is simply the process I would go through for myself and advertisers on this page are not in any way indorsed by me. Use your own due diligence.