Porsche 911 left and right hand drive.

Left hand drive or right hand drive?

If you are living in the U.K. this may be one of the choices you have.


Left hand drive Porsche have mostly been imported from Europe where the technical specification is much the same as in the U.K.


Option specs will vary, also what we might consider 'standard' here may not be in another Country e.g. for an '89 Carrera you might find the Italians had a 'funny' spec.........  LSD, Air con but no rear belts or electric top. But the basic car was the same. Many of the 'Germans' had cat's and we didn't.


From the 964 series on, things became more standardised between European Countries.


Watch out for the North American Porsche - they can be different in bumpers, suspension, side impact bars. So too the cars from the Middle East, these usually have European style chassis numbers but may have the biggest spec differences. Bumpers, stronger suspension, no leather on the dash or shelf, even no cat which you will need on 1993 on models.


Still, I would be happy with a Porsche from any Country as long as the condition was right.


With the strong pound its really no longer viable to import from Europe but there are enough cars already here if you need a lhd 911.


Advantages comparing left to right for use in the UK.




Other than that the same usual things apply to both.

Condition, condition, condition.


You will find good and bad with both, so always take care buying.


Personally I like lhd porsche, I like the driving position and am totally at ease with lhd 911in the UK. Therefore I am delighted to be able to buy a better Porsche 911 for my budget.


Re sale. Porsche 911 generally depreciate, and for both its pretty gentle. There is a bigger market for rhd - but more cars to fill it. 


Left hand drive Porsche you would think would have a smaller market but nowadays I find I get a lot of Foreign enquiries for Left drive Porsche as people are more willing to travel to buy the car they want.


As far as RS and track oriented models are concerned a left hand drive may well be easier to sell with a Worldwide market lhd has a smaller market although I have always found plenty of customers who were happy to trade the driving position for a better /newer 911.


Also the pound has become so weak that some cars are heading home to Europe once more.


Buy the best car you can find, one you like and enjoy it. Adrian Crawford.