Porsche Dealers New Car.

Official Porsche Dealers. 

Official Porsche Dealer or Official Porsche Center ( OPC).

You don't have to buy your new Porsche from your local official Porsche dealer or indeed buy what he has in stock.  If you are not getting the deal you want shop around.

A good Official Porsche Centre will value your business and try a little harder. New Porsche Dealers will not all have the same view on part exchange values either.

They may be able to draw a car from another Porsche Dealers stock, or speak to the Factory about Special orders.

You may be able to forward order a New Porsche that they can use as a demonstrater and sell to you 3 months later at an agreed price.

In North America the Official Porsche centre Warranty on a new Porsche should cover you throughout North America.

If you are buying in Europe then the Warranty on New Porsche is pan European.

Some regions will have different lengths of warranty cover so check.