New Porsche 911. New or Imported Porsche 911?

Should you buy from a U.K main dealer or import from Europe?


The main dealer will look after you very well indeed (and if they don't let Porsche know).


If things go egg shaped you can go back and complain.


My advice - Only buy an import if it's physical - in stock and the dealer is know, with a reputation and trustworthy.


Be aware that if you are using an import agent or import Company and the exchange rate goes against them its not uncommon for the Company to close with little warning. Therefore solid reputations are valuable - don't get caught out.


An import is fine - just check the detail specification - it can vary (but decent experienced Porsche importers should be able to tell you).


The fact you have an import may have a negative effect upon re sell.


You will also need to know that any tax due has been paid.


My preference.....................well I would like to save the money, but the benefit of an import may be that you beat the waiting list . If money were so important I would buy a late used. For only a 3-4000 pound saving I would rather hassle the main dealer and receive a better price and service.


If the saving were more I may look at an import but only if I was very very sure of my agent - and certain the price (or timescale) wouldn't rise as delivery got close would I go for the import.


My opinion - that's all.


U.S. to Europe.

At the moment it may look attractive to Purchase a Porsche in the U.S. as  our exchange rate is so good. Consider the following points;


You will be needing to pay for delivery to the port, shipping, insurance and probably an agent to help.


Adrian Crawford.