How to Check the oil in a Porsche 911

For  Porsche models 3.0 SC, 3.2 Carrera, 964, Turbo I, Turbo II, 993.


So often its done wrong, and not just by the owners. You must check whilst running and when truly hot.


Often garages who are unfamiliar with the correct procedure get it wrong. And too much oil can be bad news. Its easiest to check after a drive.


Inside the car you have an oil level indicator (right beside the fuel level). This shows the level in the oil tank.


In the engine compartment you have a dipstick. It too shows the oil level in the tank. You can check the dipstick to make sure the guage is telling the truth. The procedure is exactly the same.


1.  Your Porsche must be at running temperature - i.e. it must have been running for 15 minutes or more (more in cold weather).


2.  With the engine hot you must let it  idle for 60 seconds (this allows the oil to settle and a true reading).


3.  The gauge should read between a third and two thirds.


4.   The dipstick will reflect the level on the gauge.


5.   Add oil as required. There is less than two litres between the 'full and empty' marks. Add 1/2 litre at a time.


That's it. Job done.


Check the oil during or after a drive - most 911 will use some.




When the engine is cold (first thing in the morning) the gauge will read empty.


When the engine is turned off it will read empty.


When you drive the reading is inaccurate - it may swing around but means nothing.


Don't panic and overfill.