Porsche Parts, spare parts, service items.

You wont need to go to your Official Porsche Center for all your Porsche parts. There are plenty of Independent suppliers to choose from who nowadays stock much more than simply service items. this has in turn made the market for supplying parts much more it can be worth checking with your local Porsche Centre.

One thing to be aware of if you are using an Independent Porsche parts supplier is the quality. Are you buying an original equipment manufacturer part (i.e the exact same part as fitted new by the same manufacturer), known as OEM parts, or is it a copy? Clearly you should be careful about the 'copies' and their quality.

The independant Porsche Parts suppliers will stock everything from oil filters, service kits, brake pads, clutches, electrical, switches, lighting and much more.





Replace your relay.


A common failure on older Porsche is the fuel pump relay or DME relay. This is important for all you 996, 993, 964 and Carrera 3.2 owners. Check in your handbook for the location, then pull the relay out and check the age (printed on the relay).. I have just removed one from an 89 911 that was the original part. In this case nothing wrong with it but for little money well worth replacing now. When they fail the car won't run and you will have no warning. Replace yours now if its over 5 years old.